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Consistency not hip, but happening

It wasn't the hip topic at your last marketing seminar. And that's understandable because consistency is timeless. And at the same time, it makes your (online) marketing much easier. It represents the power of small, connected steps towards big goals. And repeating a correct message to the market. Without drastic changes and the issues of the day.

Consistency also includes a repeating element. In doing so, it is at odds with our need for immediate gratification. So, it goes against the desire to grow now and put the company on the market in a big way now. For example, consistency ensures that in a year you have achieved what you could only achieve with a plan. Like you can first make a shopping list before you go to the supermarket because otherwise you mainly put everything in your shopping cart at eye level.

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Consistency also touches something else. Namely: reliability. Anyone who encounters your brand can trust that your company is logically structured and functioning. Because they see a clear picture. There are no contradictions. There is coherence.

Reliability and consistency also have to do with each other because it is about ‘’telling what is right’’. So that's about having a message and knowing what you stand for. And you stick to the previously made plans.

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Apply consistency

If you look at it simply, you can apply consistency to three things:

1. Communication.
2. How you act.
3. And what others say about you.

Make a concrete plan for these three things. From the font, and use of colour to the message and location of your company. And do what you say and get customers to say what you do.
In addition to the simplistic approach, consistency is also the result of daring to make choices.  Know what you don't want to do, say goodbye, and move forward. The more choices you dare to make, the more consistency. Not hip, but happening.

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