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Is TikTok Gen Z's Favorite Search Engine?

Generation Z is currently taking bold steps in business in the Netherlands. Of course, those steps are accurately tracked on the latest smartwatch. After all, this generation has been brought up with the latest technological gadgets. We follow them closely at upMention because they throw many old habits overboard. In that category, they also use a new 'search engine', which you know better as TikTok. Within 30 seconds, you have a good picture of a product or service via TikTok. Are you still waiting? Then you quickly dive into the comments to scan the findings of other TikTokkers. Why is Google's secret still necessary for them? That is the question. Marketing starts with the market, so we happily move along.

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How does Google respond to this?

As the most popular search engine, Google is open to competition. Other search engines need to stand a chance. But there is so much investment in technology that it is impossible to predict the next competitor. TikTok is an excellent example of this. A serious competitor, from a completely different angle. It turned out not to be Amazon, Apple, or Microsoft, but the Chinese ByteDance overtaking Google from the left here. Then they must understand the future generation and listen to them.

According to Google CEO Prabhakar Raghavan, this question has been with them for a while. Raghavan says the new generation is much more visual than the Boomers, Generation X or Millennials. Due to their busy existence, they collect countless amounts of information in a short time.
Raghavan says Google will evaluate with the generations. For example, a search about replacing an inner tube now shows a video at the top instead of the most popular blogs.

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Suppose the - possibly - renewed Google is there. Will anything change in SEO?

Perhaps the way optimization is done. But if people will see TikTok as a search engine – or the modified version of Google – it can also be optimized for it. For now, the computers we know are not yet smart enough to place images with a question or search query without a supporting text being involved. Not for the general public anyway. And when text can be seen online, SEO can be worked on. Think of the title, description, comments, alt tags, and more. So don't worry; you can also be at the top of the search results in your field in the future. And even then, plenty of specialized SEO agencies want to help you with this.

What now?

It is vital to make a choice in this and not let it happen to you. Now could be the perfect time to grab the benefits of the former and get started with TikTok as well. It will help with your brand awareness, the bonding with your customers, and you will connect with a generation your competitors are still ignoring. Please note: TikTok must add to your marketing mix; Google is the largest search engine and should undoubtedly be remembered. Hopping from hype to hype is not recommended anyway. As an SEO agency, we cordially invite you to see if we are a match.

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