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upMention opens a new office in London!

upMention continues to expand its international presence. After establishing offices in Delfgauw and Nairobi (Kenya), we will now also open an office in London (Great Britain) on 9 May. A big and exciting step, because as a relative newcomer (although with more than 20 years of experience!) we have to find a place in a market that is already fully developed. Nevertheless, we think we have a good chance there, because we have ample experience handling international projects, also in the UK.
However, we do not act hastily. Initially, sales efforts will mainly be made from the London office by the new sales employee Hieu recruited there. Acquiring new customers in England, getting a steady customer base is his number one priority. For the time being, the SEO and SEA activities (Search Engine Optimization and Search Engine Advertising) are carried out by our employees in Delfgauw and Nairobi, just as is the case now. Alexander Zuidam, our Sales Manager, will be responsible for guiding our English colleague for the time being.

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Expand slowly

As more English clients are acquired, English specialists will also be hired to carry out SEO and SEA activities. After all, they are at home in the English market, are well aware of the English way of doing business, and can help customers even better to get higher in Google.
The opening of the new office should give us access to new talent and international clients. Although it is of course always exciting to take the leap into the unknown. How will the British view a Dutch-Kenyan company? Are they chauvinistic, or do they look at quality and results and simply choose the best company?
We do have the advantage that many of our projects are already in English, so that the transition will probably go without too many problems. And the Kenyans also speak excellent English (sometimes better than the Dutch, with our farmer English).

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Multicultural environment

Following the earlier opening of the Kenya office, the move to London offers us the opportunity to further expand our global presence and continue to support our clients in their growth ambitions. It will of course also be interesting to see the interaction between the different cultures: the English reserve against the Dutch directness and the Kenyan politeness.
This gives the already multicultural upMention a whole new dimension. And that makes the work and the working environment not only fascinating, but also challenging and fun. London calling: let's go for it and see what the future brings!

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The right chord

The right chord

In a world overloaded with sound, it's not about making more noise, it's about hitting the right chord. A story that resonates with the right people.

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They went before you