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What is Google Data studio and how can you use it for your company?

As an entrepreneur or entrepreneurial manager it is very important that you know in detail what the results of your website are. That way, you make decisions based on factual information. In addition, the investment in marketing is justified and with the extreme amount of data you have, you can easily view and where possible combine the crucial figures.

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What is Google Data Studio?

Google Data Studio is a tool from Google that offers the possibility to process all online and offline statistics in one report. From the results of your search engine optimization and Google Ads, to the popularity of your social media; you can get all these data in one set. In addition, a frequently used function of Google Data Studios is combining the data from different websites with different Google Analytics installations. It is also possible to link your CRM (for example Salesforce) or to have employees manually add data to these (management) reports.

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Why would you use Google Data Studio for your company?

Data visualization continues to be an important part of managing your marketing activities. Google Data Studio offers fast clarity, a starting point for conversations, and ensures well-considered choices. Within upMention, we compare as much as possible the (live) data in the reports with a minimum limit that must be reached in view of the marketing investment and an objective on which the champagne can be uncorked. So there are no more secrets. In addition, we compare the data where possible with a year ago, since you have often experienced the same trends as a company and can thus best chart growth.

Google Data Studio Templates: data visualization in your own house style

We use Google Data Studio Templates in our upMention style as standard, but to add extra strength to the data from Google Data Studio, we can also apply the corporate identity elements of your company to these reports. That way you can easily incorporate the most important figures into your reports and presentations. You can also automatically report the data to important stakeholders via e-mail in your own house style.

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