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Employee spotlight: Ignatius

Read the experience of Ignatius, an SEO specialist at upMention Nairobi. Talking about his experience working in an international company, his professional growth and ambitions and his bucket list.

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Spotlight on… Ignatius!

Ignatius is one of our valued employees in the Nairobi office of upMention. As an SEO specialist he likes the most in his role the opportunity to continuously learn and stay updated on best practices to facilitate the teams in their projects. Also, the collaborative nature of the scrum master role, seeing a team work well together feels rewarding.
And, although he considers himself to be an introvert, let him speak for himself:
“So how would I describe upMention as a company? The collaboration and team culture make every workday enjoyable. From day one, I felt supported by colleagues. I feel I have developed in self-awareness, which gives me better understanding of myself, and allows me to make informed decisions at work and in my personal life.
And professionally, I’ve acquired a lot of new skills. This has made me more flexible and confident in how I navigate challenges. For example, I’ve taken up additional leadership roles and learnt how to lead a team.”

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Proud of results

“What I am most proud of, is increasing a client’s organic website traffic and search engine rankings, resulting in a positive impact on their revenue and online visibility. It’s rewarding to see that our SEO efforts and strategies are delivering a return on investment for the client.
The company culture of upMention emphasizes on building client relationships and on practising a client first approach to adapt to their unique needs. Emphasis is also on cross-functional teams working together to consistently deliver value to our clients.
And working in an international company working with colleagues from different backgrounds is a nice experience. You get diverse perspectives and approaches to situations. Though the communication styles are quite different. Dutch people are more direct, compared to my Kenyan culture. We tend to be more indirect; the way feedback and criticism are given can vary how it’s conveyed and interpreted.
Professionally I really am a fan of Kaizen. It means ‘continuous improvement’and focuses on making small, incremental changes in processes, products, or services over time. Just as I'm open to new challenges and opportunities that may come my way to contribute to the company’s success.”

Off work

“In the weekend I spend most of my time relaxing in the house, listening to music, cleaning, watching football, reading and going out for random walks. Or sometimes I attend events or visit family.
But to sum up my bucket list, I’ll need more than a bucket… Just an example I want to climb Mount Kenya, the highest point and the only place with snow in Kenya. I just want to touch the snow. The list of places I would like to travel is endless.
Furthermore, I would like to witness the excitement of a match at Old Trafford, and finally, more close to home: I would like to build an Agile team that consistently delivers value.”

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The right chord

The right chord

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