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My First 30 Days Experience At upMention

For the second time in a row, the opportunity came again knocking. Did I hesitate to jump into it despite losing the first chance? As sure as death, never did I. I quickly applied for the advertised position since the job description was a perfect fit for me. Skilled in digital marketing and having worked for two companies in Digital marketing and more so some SEO (Search Engine Optimization), I felt the biggest chance for growth is finally here.

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By Samuel Kuritu

Having attended an interview for the same role in the past, I had the basic knowledge of the “Constellation” method of interview which was probably the scariest thing I’ve experienced in all the interviews I’ve ever walked in. Of course, I never succeeded in the first and hence felt that the second one came straight away looking for me.
Goosebumps on the very day of the interview! Plenty of questions running at the back of my mind. Was I nervous? I was like never before.
Eventually, I could sigh at the end after succeeding in the most intense moment.
What next? When am I going to start my new job? How would it be? How friendly are the employees here? How welcoming and friendly is the working environment? How about the management? all these questions were ringing in my mind.
Shortly before 7 AM on April 4th, 2023, 60 days ago, I arrived for my first day at my new job. Based on the research I did into the company; it was a good fit. But of course, I was still a little nervous and unsure what to expect.
The new journey eventually commenced!

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First experience

Things commenced on well at this job from day one with a brief welcoming meeting on the very reporting day.
This company was pretty organized in terms of being ready for new hires with my computer and keyboard waiting for me.
In the first week at the job, the goal of the company was crystal clear in my mind.
The urge of client’s satisfaction and quality work was the most amazing part of this company with the famous slogan that of course stands out “We Know the Secret of Google” and as the name has it, it was too obvious for anyone to be anxious of wanting to know the secret of Google. In this case, if you really want to know the secret of Google, upMention is the deal.
During my first week, I worked with my team to learn about our main responsibilities and get myself properly set up. It felt good to be mostly set up right away and to know that as soon I am ready to start contributing to the team’s responsibilities. I was in a good position to be able to do that.
At the beginning of my second week, we had sprint planning, and I was assigned my first two tasks, my first chance to contribute. I was able to complete both tasks with some help from my teammates, which was much appreciated, and I really enjoyed working on both tasks.
At our next sprint planning, I was assigned another two tasks, and at the end of the sprint, I was given the opportunity to work on a third task. So far, I've enjoyed all my work and I even had the opportunity to learn a lot of new things. I felt a lot of impact and growth in my skills. Personal growth was not a doubt as well.

Team support

For most of the tasks that I had completed, I've had the opportunity to work with a teammate, I really appreciated having the opportunity to work closely with and learn from my new teammates, and I particularly appreciated the guidance on parts of the tasks that I needed support on, and on tasks which I'm not familiar. As great as it was to pair with my teammates, I also appreciated that we didn't do everything together from start to finish and that I had the opportunity to work on my own and remind myself what I am capable of and what I bring to the company.
Another thing that I'm very happy about is the support I'm receiving from my team. Not only have my teammates been more than happy to answer my questions, explain concepts, or go through my work, but my service owner and scrum master have both expressed a willingness to help me with whatever I need to feel comfortable in the team.
I have been fortunate to work with an incredible team that has warmly welcomed me into their midst. Their support and guidance have been instrumental in helping me navigate the intricacies of the job. From day one, I immersed myself in learning, absorbing as much knowledge as possible about the company, its culture, and the responsibilities entrusted to me.


At upMention, “client first” is the priority.
The company values its clients more than anything else and everyone works round the clock to make sure that they’ve achieved the goal and target of the company.
The company's commitment to employee growth and development is also among the company’s priorities and has been evident through the training that I have undergone during my first weeks.


At upMention, there is a diverse culture of both the Dutch and Kenyan culture and the new UK culture where there is quite a difference in the three cultures, despite the Kenyan culture and UK culture having a few similarities.
The Dutch culture stands out to be the most different from the two with the direct and effective way of communication.
Learning to embrace the culture was among the most amazing experiences in my first 30 days as I slowly diffused into the Dutch cultural way of communication.
The company's culture of open communication and transparency has encouraged me to voice my opinions.
The inclusive atmosphere in the company has fostered a sense of belonging and motivation to excel in my role.
At upMention, people have the great opportunity to bond as they enjoy lunch every working day together.
To be honest, it was not easy for me in the first week to adapt to having lunch with the whole company as I am used to having lunch with a small group of 2-3 people. I eventually got used to and I enjoy that.


As they say, all work and no play make Jack a dull boy, here at upMention I enjoy fun moments especially on football Fridays where all the employees form football teams and compete against each other and that would be the talk of the following week as losers gets criticized positively and winners carry the pride.

Next 30 days

Stepping into a new job is always an exciting and nerve-wracking experience, and my first 30 days in my new position have been nothing short of transformative.
I know I'm still in the early stages of this job, and things will continue to change and evolve during my time here. But for the most part, things have started off well and I'm very happy with my job and the company.
Looking back at my first 30 days, I can confidently say that this new job has exceeded my expectations. It has provided me with a platform to learn, grow, and contribute meaningfully to the organization. I am excited about the journey ahead and the potential for further growth and success in this dynamic environment.

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