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Search with AI

Google is busy developing a new chatbot Apprentice Bard, but is also working on a new design for the start page of the popular search engine. This new design also includes the ability to search with AI (Artificial Intelligence).
One design shows five different prompts for possible questions. These prompts are shown directly below the main search bar, replacing the current "I'm Feeling Lucky" bar. The design also showed a small chat logo on the right side of the search bar. This means that when a user enters a question, the search results show a gray balloon right below the search bar, with more human answers than the search results you've gotten so far. Immediately below that, several follow-up questions are suggested that relate to the first question. Below that, the known search results will be displayed as users see them now, including links and headlines.


However, it is still unclear whether this design will be included in future product launches. Google sees itself as a pioneer in the field of AI, but Google's AI chief also says that the company suffers much more "reputational damage" from providing incorrect information and thus acts "more conservatively than a small startup". Reportedly, Google could launch products that use AI sometime this year.

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