November 2021

How to choose the right SEO agency

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Geerten Schollaart
seo bureau

Tastes differ. And each jar fits a lid. But, as upMention, we are very clear: not all companies suit us. So you don't fit every SEO agency either. Fortunately, there are plenty of SEO agencies in our country. And then it is not about the best SEO agency, but the right one. That is why we list several factors that influence your choice.

Short or long term

Do you respond to a short-term trend, or do you want to build a stable company for the long term? For example, you can score on Google by increasing the number of links to your website. There are SEO agencies that choose to place a lot of links on websites of their own. That is not the intention of Google's algorithm, but it can ensure that you will score. However, sometimes it happens that Google gets the strategy of the SEO marketing agency or that a manual action of the webspam team of Google takes place so that you suddenly lose all your positions in Google. If you want to go with your SEO agency for the long term, it is important that you arrange links that are not on a network of your own websites.

Specialist or generalist

In the long run, scoring in Google's unpaid results is the most efficient way to grow as a company. What you see with an SEO marketing agency like us, is that we manage all kinds of marketing, but consider the strategy of Google in everything. In this way, we ensure that search terms are processed in vacancies of our customers (After all, Google also reads them). Or that if a customer shares something on social media, Google gets a signal about which search term is relevant to which page. Or we distribute press releases containing the right search terms. Hiring a specialist agency for SEO therefore mainly means that Google is an important starting point for everything.

Uptempo or dosed

In short, there are two types of SEO agencies: the uptempo agencies for the big ambition or the more 'mass = cash register' - agencies, set up to get started with a few hours a month. In practice, this choice appears to have mainly to do with margin and cash flow. Sometimes the marketing journey on the internet seems like a race to the bottom when it comes to price. However, we often see that the person who dares to organize sufficient margin often also has more to spend on marketing and can therefore organize larger numbers of visitors via Google. To determine where you stand when it comes to the P of price and then choose what your favourite SEO optimization agency should be set up for.

Creative or structured

Do you especially want to be inspired and motivated? Or do you mainly want to roll out a growth strategy in a planned and rational way? The contrast is not as black and white as it is here, but in general, you can see that every SEO optimization agency tends in a certain direction. For example, we as upMention already have a concept plan for the first year, without having spoken to you. With this, we use our knowledge and experience so far and we are very systematically creating a snowball effect. In addition, it also has to do with the Manager of your project. This way we always make a conscious decision about whether we go for entrepreneurship or tight project management in a new relationship.

Content- or sales-oriented

You can pick it out in no time! Does a seller from the best SEO agency come along with the standard sales tricks to make you a customer as quickly as possible, or does someone come along who mainly wants to see to what extent you can come to a correct growth plan together with SEO website optimization? Often you can already see it in the ratio of sellers and substantive specialists in a team. We even know an SEO marketing agency where more than half of the employees have a selling function, but there are also agencies where tried and tested staff join you immediately. And there are even SEO agencies - we don't name names - where you can schedule an appointment on the agenda of one of the owners directly via the website...


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