September 2022

How does Google Business Profile contribute to your business?


A Google My Business profile is part of the search results within Google, so your company profile can also be optimized! It has everything to do with local SEO, which serves the same goal, namely being at the top organically in Google and thus increasing the traffic to your website. How can you apply this, where can you apply it, and how do you know if it works? We will explain this to you step by step.

What is a Google My Business profile?

You can see it as an extensive business card of your own company or the company you work for. For example, you can place standard information such as a telephone number, address, opening hours and appointment options. But more is possible! You create a different route to your products or services by linking your website to your company profile. Google can also use keywords from your website so that targeted customers can find your business. Google My Business gives you insights into how you are found locally. You can use these insights to optimize the SEO of your website further.

How will my company become more findable?

Good question! This can be done by incorporating keywords in various places in your profile that have a relationship with your company and a good search volume in the month. By placing specific keywords in prominent places, you increase the chance that you will be found. When people use these words in the search, and your profile is optimal, you have a good chance that you will be shown. Please note that you do not cram your profile with just keywords. This confuses visitors to your profile, making them more likely to click away. Optimizing your company name in Google is possible, but it can entail risks because Google has rules for this.

The value of an optimized profile

All is well and good, but what is the value of an optimized Google profile? Let's take an example. Suppose Bakker Jan is located on a busy shopping street. Besides Bakker Jan, there are four other bakers where people can buy their bread. All five bakers have a Google Business Profile and can be found on Google. Bakker Jan naturally wants people to choose him. Bakker Jan decides to outsource his SEO to upMention and notices an increase in Google search results and the number of shop visitors. But what is the reason this is happening? For the rest, three of the five bakers need help with their Company Profiles. This means that we compete with one other baker. Thanks to the expertise and optimization of upMention, it is possible to rise locally in the rankings for relevant search terms and, therefore, to get first place. That is the value of an optimized company profile.

How to keep track of Google My Business visitors to your website

When you add a UTM link to your website, you can better track your visitors in Google Analytics. This way, you have a good idea of ​​where your visitors come from. In Google Analytics, you can see where the visitor comes from (the source) and which medium the visitor has used. The source is, for example, Google and the medium Google My Business.

The new updates from Google

Google has recently implemented several new updates. For example, Google My Business has been changed to Google Business Profile. In addition to this name update, Google has made some other updates. For example, you can now manage your Company Profile via Google search. This allows you to respond even faster to reviews, make adjustments and add messages or photos. Google has also made the 'messages' function more visible. Previously, you could only use this feature through the app. Now Google has made this feature available for the desktop as well. But what is the advantage of the messaging function? Are there any more features that get too little attention from the marketers?

Google Business Profile features that are being overlooked.

Several features in the Google Business Profile need to get the attention they deserve. We highlight two of them in this article:

  • Messages - This feature allows visitors on Google to ask your business a question directly. You can then answer them easily and quickly. An ideal way to make low-threshold contact with a potential customer.
  • Q&A - This feature allows people to ask questions about your company's services or products. By responding extensively to the questions, you ensure that the person in question has his answer and that future questions have already been answered. As a result, the step towards a purchase is already closed.

The Importance of Google Reviews for your business

Did you know that 68% of customers go into business with a company because of their positive reviews? Potential customers check your company's reviews every day. If the reviews are already a few weeks old, the chance customers will choose your company is already smaller. It is therefore important that there are online reviews of your company. You can ask customers to leave a review on your Google Business Profile. People find your profile, check out the reviews, and consider visiting your website or your business. So reviews are of great importance when it comes to local SEO. Google Reviews has several advantages. It is a free platform that you can use for your business. In addition, you can be found by potential customers through keywords that have been processed in reviews.

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